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Leitfaden für Schachspieler

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2nd enlarged and improved edition, 236 pages

The Chess World 1866-1869

The Chess World 1866-1869 : "A Magazine Devoted to the Cultivation of the Game of Chess, Containing Games and Problems by the First Masters (1865–1869) Vol.1 no.1 (Mar 1865)–Vol.4, no.12 (Mar1869). Monthly. Publisher Trübner & Co. London.…

20th World Student Chess Championship 1974, Teesside

Teesside 1974. World Student Chess Team Championship. Teesside, England, July 15th - August 2nd, 1974. Selected games with annotations in English. Algebraic notation. Many diagrams. Brief round reports. Cross tables. Several photos in low quality.…