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Here you can find online ressources, which I think to be quite important and useful.

  • www.chesslund.com   - A premium online chess auction site, which is run by the Lund Chess Academy. At least twice a year they run big chessbook auctions with hundreds of lots. Over the year there are also some minor auctions from different sellers.
  • www.kwabc.org - Ken Whyld Association & Foundation, an association where almost all chesshistorians and collectors are represented. For a small membership fee you get access to the quarterly magazine and to the wonderful online database. You can try for yourself with a free trial membership.
  • https://chessbookchats.blogspot.co.at/ - An excellent website, where Mr. Clapham presents some parts of his collection within well researched blogarticles.
  • http://pähtz.de/ - A very nice website, where Mr. Pähtz shows parts of his big chess collection. There are not only chessbooks but many more things related to chess.
 more to follow.