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Geschichte und Litteratur des Schachspiels

2 volumes. Volume 1, 415 diagrams, XI, contains two parts: I: Indische Würfelspiel. 422 pages. II: Bibliografie des Liber de moribus Hominum… des Jacobus von Cessoles. 154 pages. Volume 2. 125 diagrams. XVI, 524 pages.Berlin, Springer, 1874. 4°.…

Kagan´s Neueste Schachnachrichten 2er Jahrgang 1922

KSN 1922 - FSTV3.jpg
Kagan's Neueste Schachnachrichten. 2. Jahrgang 1922. Hefte 1 - 4 und 1. Beilage mit 16 Seiten zum 60ten Geburtstags von Tarrasch. Mit 1 Porträttafel und Diagrammen. 382 Seiten, XVI S. dazwischengebunden, 1 Bl. Anzeigen. Originaler Verlagseinband.…


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Title 38 of the famous A.C. WHITE "CHRISTMAS SERIES". 124 problems by various authors, all in full-page diagrams. About 20 more problems are within solutions, foreword and one as a frontispiece. There is also an appendix of problems from a tournament…

New York 1857. The Book of the First American Chess Congress

Containing the proceedings of that celebrated assemblage, held in New York, in the year 1857, with the papers read in its sessions, the games played in the grand tournament, and the stratagems entered in the problem tournay; together with sketches of…

David DeLucia´s Chess Library, A Few Old Friends

first edition 2003, limited to 150 copies, 236 pages, cloth, index; with a personal dedication from the author to me